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John B. Stolarz & The Stolarz Law Firm

The staff of the law office of John B. Stolarz is dedicated to aggressive representation of those who have suffered bodily, mental, and emotional injury or have incurred a loss of wages or earnings or damage to their property as a result of an automobile accident, work injury, medical malpractice, fall-down injury, employment discrimination, unpaid wages, or a violation of their constitutional rights.


Do you have questions about FMLA benefits?

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 - Fall Down Cases?

 - Work Injury?

 - Auto Accidents?


We can help.  There is no fee to discuss your case and there are no fees or expenses until we recover money for you.


Limited to cases in Maryland.



We manage to settle many cases before a lawsuit has to be filed; if that happens, our fees are even lower.  In automobile cases our fee is 25% of gross recovery if the case is settled before a lawsuit is filed, and 33 1/3% once a lawsuit is filed. There is no fee or reimbursement of expenses if there is no recovery.  Complete information on our fee structure can be obtained by calling the office.



The firm successfully concluded a jury trial in a case brought, on behalf of a client, against Baltimore City for violation of the First Amendment. In that case, Baltimore City terminated a contract with an auto-body repair facility because the owner of the shop criticized Baltimore City auto repair practices on two Fox 45 newscasts. After hearing all the evidence, a Baltimore City jury concluded that the termination of the contract represented a violation of the facility's constitutional First Amendment rights and awarded damages.

The firm obtained a favorable verdict in a fall-down case, tried in Baltimore County Circuit Court, against the Marley Station Shopping Center, where a customer tripped and fell over a recessed manhole cover after sundown.

Also recently, a firm client was arrested for assaulting an MTA bus driver. The firm was able to establish that it was the bus driver, not the MTA passenger, who was the aggressor and reached a settlement favorable to its client.

The State of Maryland has established a private cause of action for discrimination, enabling an aggrieved party to bring an action for damages in the courts of Maryland. This is significant because up to now, the majority of employment and other discrimination cases had to be brought in federal court, which was not always favorable to the aggrieved party.



Our firm will collect any wages or benefits your employer has not paid you, and in many cases we will get the employer to pay your costs and attorney fees.


*You are not charged for any litigation costs advanced by our office if there is no recovery, but such litigation costs are reimbursed if there is a recovery in your case.  Other legal services provided by the firm, not specified here, which are not accepted on a contingency basis, are subject to different compensation arrangements.



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